[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 10 Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat

10 Things to Consider Before Getting a Cat - SweetieKitty

So you’ve decided to get a cat? Presumably you’ll be starting at the beginning with a kitten. Now when you hear the word “kitten” it immediately conjures up visions of lovely little cuddly squeaky things with great big blue eyes and fur as soft as angels’ wings. (OK, so I’ve never actually felt angels’ wings but you get my gist!) … Read More

British Shorthair Ear Anatomy and Physiology

British Shorthair Ear Anatomy and Physiology - SweetieKitty

British Shorthair cats are just gorgeous. To me, they look just like teddy bears in feline form. They have soft, plush hair, round bodies, round paws, round ears and the cutest little round faces. Truly there isn’t a cat on the planet who can rival it in sheer cuddliness! This cat is the stuff of legend: the Cheshire cat in … Read More

Siamese Cat Health Issues

Siamese Cat Health Issues - SweetieKitty

When you imagine a cat, chances are you imagine a Siamese. That’s probably because there have been so many of them around for such a long time, since they’re one of the oldest established breeds ever. They’ve been on TV, in the movies, in cartoons, and everywhere else you can think of. So if your interested in this elegant, suave, … Read More

Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets And How Stop It!

Why Do Cats Suck on Blankets And How Stop It - SweetieKitty

Cats do some amazingly endearing things. They rub their cheeks against you, knead you like dough, groom you with sandpaper tongues, blink at you in slow motion and head-butt you. And they purr. What could be more appealing than that? Cats are infinitely more subtle than dogs! But they do some things that are so mysterious that they border on … Read More

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much - SweetieKitty

Cats are champion sleepers. If there was a World Championship for which animals could sleep the longest in any 24 hour period cats would win paws down! They start with a morning (cat) nap, afternoon forty winks, dinner, postprandial snooze , then there is a frantic period of cat capers around sundown. After that there is a general shutdown till … Read More

Should I Give My Cat Milk?

Should I Give My Cat Milk - SweetieKitty

Everybody knows that cats love milk, right? When you see cartoons of cats they are always lapping milk and eating fish, and dogs are always eating bones. But why do cats love milk so much? They can’t even taste sweet things! It’s a mystery! The truth is that some cats just like it while others won’t touch it with a … Read More

Why Do Cats Like String?

Why Do Cats Like String - SweetieKitty

What can keep a cat entertained for hours? Apart from torturing a mouse, that is? Scrabble? Monopoly? Sleep? Catnip? Even the most casual of kitty watchers can tell you that all cats like to “kill” things. They are just made that way, and that’s what makes them – believe it or not – the sixth-most successful predator in the world. … Read More

Can Humans Get Cat Fleas?

Can Humans Get Cat Fleas - SweetieKitty

The short answer to this question is yes, humans can get cat fleas. In fact, cat fleas LOVE human blood! As I think I’ve said before AT LEAST a hundred times – I hate fleas. I cannot see what good they do in the great scheme of things. I mean, what are they FOR, apart from to irritate the sanity … Read More

7 Reasons Why My Cat Has Bald Patches

7 Reasons Why My Cat Has Bald Patches - SweetieKitty

We all know what dandies cats are – they’ll spend a third of their waking hours just washing themselves! They are obviously preening themselves so that the whole world can see what a well-turned out kitty cat looks like. So you can imagine this suave lady or gentleman’s distress if, after all that licking, nibbling and evacuation of the smallest … Read More

8 Reasons Why Cats Have Rough Tongues

8 Reasons Why Cats Have Rough Tongues - SweetieKitty

Have you ever been groomed by a cat? If you’re used to the sloppy feel of a dog’s tongue that rough little sandpaper tongue will come as quite a surprise! Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world? If you are owned by a cat this is one of the many pleasures you enjoy on a daily basis, as … Read More