Bes Cattery - Oregon

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Bes Cattery - Oregon

1/4: Bes Cattery - Oregon
2/4: Bes Cattery - Oregon
3/4: Bes Cattery - Oregon
4/4: Bes Cattery - Oregon
Contact details
Cattery Name : Bes Cattery
Contact Name : Kim Ghobrial
Breeder Name : Kim & Phillip Ghobrial

Oregon - OR,US States (503) 427-0354 [email protected]

Available Cat Breeds Burmilla
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They are like family members, they are very sensitive and personable. All my cats have been DNA tested for Breed specific Health Issues (behind the Persians or European Burmese).


Available Cat Breed from Breeder “Bes Cattery” in Oregon: Burmilla!