Forever Kittens Cattery - Indiana

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Forever Kittens Cattery - Indiana

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1/3: Forever Kittens Cattery - Indiana
2/3: Forever Kittens Cattery - Indiana
3/3: Forever Kittens Cattery - Indiana
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Cattery Name : Forever Kittens Cattery
Contact Name : Melissa Witmer
Breeder Name : Melissa Witmer

Indiana - IN,US States 765-538-CATS (2287) [email protected]

Available Cat Breeds Highlander
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We are an in-home, closed, cageless, cattery. As much as we would love to allow people to visit our cats in our home, insurance and the health and well being of both our fur family and our human family prevail. Our cats are part of our family and underfoot. Raised in a loving home environment with children and dogs in order to provide their new families with well rounded, properly socialized kitten(s).

We are hobby breeders and by no means do we intend to make a living with our cats. We do it sincerely for the joy of sharing these precious babies with other cat lovers. We put a lot of love, time, expense and heart into each and every one of our cats and kittens, and we take the utmost care to ensure that the prospective adopter and the kitten or cat they have chosen are a well-suited match. It is for this reason that we reserve the right to refuse to adopt a kitten to you for any reason. We have very few breeding pairs and keep them all separated on different levels of our home. This way they can interact with us, but not so much with each other. We love to hear updates and see photos of our kittens as they grow up.
Our Queens and Sires were hand-picked from reputable, long time breeders, well-known in their field of specialty for their genetically sound, healthy, friendly kittens and customer service. Our goal at Forever Kittens Cattery is to continue to promote and cultivate the health, friendliness and quality of the kittens with our breeding pairs.


Available Cat Breed from Breeder “Forever Kittens Cattery” in Indiana: Highlander!