Kaerik RagaMuffins - Pennsylvania

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Kaerik RagaMuffins - Pennsylvania

1/11: Past Litter - NOT AVAILABLE - Smores
2/11: Past Litter - NOT AVAILABLE - Cooper
3/11: Past Litter - NOT AVAILABLE - Godiva
4/11: Past Litter - NOT AVAILABLE - Hermes
5/11: Past Litter - NOT AVAILABLE - Cagney
6/11: Past Litter - NOT AVAILABLE - Skittles
7/11: Past Litter - NOT AVAILABLE - Snickers
8/11: Our Boy - Kaerik Rags Mickey is a natural mink classic tabby and white with stunning eyes and beautiful color.
9/11: Our Girl - This is Imperial Rags Jade of Kaerik Rags. Jade is a natural mink classic tabby.
10/11: Our Gilr - Velvet Muffins Jolie of Kaerik Rags. Jolie is a silver classic tabby and white.
11/11: Our Girl - This is iCandy Jujube of Kaerik Rags. Jujube is a granddaughter of Kaerik Rags Lady Danae and looks very much like Kaerik Rags Ganache (Danae's son).
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Cattery Name : Kaerik RagaMuffins
Contact Name : Kathy
Breeder Name : Kaerik RagaMuffins

Pennsylvania - PA,US States (610) 280-0605 [email protected] http://www.kaerikrags.com

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Long-haired, puppy like cats who absolutely love their humans and come in tons of colors.  Very affectionate and have the sweetest expression.


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