Mayonaka - Kansas

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Mayonaka - Kansas

1/15: Mayonaka - Kansas
2/15: Mayonaka - Kansas
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5/15: Mayonaka - Kansas
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7/15: Mayonaka - Kansas
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Contact details
Cattery Name : Mayonaka
Contact Name : Allene Keating
Breeder Name : Allene Keating

Kansas - KS,US States (785) 594-6424 [email protected]

Available Cat Breeds European Burmese
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Different from the American styled Burmese, the European Burmese are longer in the legs, body, and come in 10 different colors. They are both from the same origins, but the European Burmese breeders in England made some changes to the blood lines. After WWII the British added the Domestic cat to help strengthen their immune system. And next the British breeders added a Red Point Siamese to introduce the Red Gene. In the 1970’s the American breeders went a different way in looks and the Burmese breeders all over the world except American were breeding what would become known as the European Burmese. These cats are family cats. They love everyone ! When you come home or when the door bell rings, the European Burmese will meet you at the door. They are intelligent and are easily trained to perform tricks.


Available Cat Breed from Breeder “Mayonaka” in Kansas: European Burmese!