MunchRanch - Texas

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MunchRanch - Texas

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2/2: MunchRanch - Texas
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Cattery Name : MunchRanch
Contact Name : Larry
Breeder Name : Larry Munchrath

Texas - TX,US States (903) 887-6378 [email protected]

Available Cat Breeds Siberian
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Russian Siberian cats are medium to large, long haired cats with a dog like personality. They are Hypoallergenic to most people. They come in almost all colors including silvers, golds, calico, and solid colors. There is also one that is a color point with blue eyes.

I ship all over the US, I am USDA licensed, CFA Cattery of Excellence, and I show in CFA and TICA.


Available Cat Breed from Breeder “MunchRanchs” in Texas: Siberian!