Oklahoma Sphynx LLC - Oklahoma

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Oklahoma Sphynx LLC - Oklahoma

1/7: Oklahoma Sphynx LLC logo
2/7: Kitten due in October 2017 | Oklahoma Sphynx LLC
3/7: Sphynx girl born 2017-06-23 | Oklahoma Sphynx LLC
4/7: Sphynx Kittens & Retirees in New Homes | Oklahoma Sphynx LLC
5/7: Sphynx Queen Haunebusphyn Golden Nymph
6/7: Oklahoma Sphynx LLC - Oklahoma
7/7: Oklahoma Sphynx LLC - Oklahoma
Contact details
Cattery Name : Oklahoma Sphynx LLC
Contact Name : Cynthia Sallee
Breeder Name : Cynthia Sallee

Oklahoma - OK,US States (405) 760-9899 [email protected] http://www.oklahomasphynx.com

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What do you get with Oklahoma Sphynx LLC? Peace of mind! We raise our kittens in our homes with lots of love! Our adults are routinely seen by our Veterinarian and your kitten will be seen by our Veterinarian several times before he comes home to you! Our kittens all leave altered and with age appropriate vaccinations and dewormings.

We have dedicated over 14 years to Sphynx and New Trait Sphynx and would love to share them with you!

Please feel free to call/text, email, or Facebook message us anytime if you have questions.


Available Cat Breeds from Breeder “Oklahoma Sphynx LLC” in Oklahoma: Sphynx, Bambino, Elf, Dwelf, Skinderlop!