Prekrasne - Arizona

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Prekrasne - Arizona

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4/7: Prekrasne - Arizona
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7/7: Girls | "Prekrasne" in Arizona
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Cattery Name : Prekrasne
Contact Name : Sue Case
Breeder Name : Sue Case

Arizona - AZ,US States [email protected]

Available Cat Breeds Siberian
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Prekrasne (Pre Kraz Nee) is a small hobby breeder located in the Phoenix, Arizona area. We have been dedicated to the breed since 2006. Prekrasne is committed to breeding and showing Siberian cats with robust healthy, outstanding personalities, and great Siberian looks.

Prekrasne is committed to health and we screen all breeding cats for HCM, PKD, and PK Def as well as testing for FeLV/FIV. In addition, I founded and am the administrator for the Siberian Health Database which is dedicated to tracking health test results to aid breeders in making educated breeding decisions.

We really do believe that “Life’s a little sweeter with a Siberian.


Available Cat Breed from Breeder “Prekrasne” in Arizona: Siberian!