Simply Blessed Bengals - California

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Simply Blessed Bengals - California

1/4: Simply Blessed Bengals - California
2/4: Simply Blessed Bengals - California
3/4: Simply Blessed Bengals - California
4/4: Simply Blessed Bengals - California
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Cattery Name : Simply Blessed Bengals
Contact Name : Beth or Lori Bearry
Breeder Name : Beth and Lori Bearry

California - CA,US States (209) 223-3040 or (209) 223-2567 [email protected]

Available Cat Breeds Bengal
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We are a family owned cattery. We have been breeding Bengals since 2002. We are registered with (TICA) The International Cat Association.
We breed for (TNT) Type and Temperament.
We are very active in Showing our Bengals.
We breed for all Patterns: Spotted, Rosetted, and Marbles.
We have Browns, Silvers, (3) different types of Snows
SealLynx Points, Seal Minks, and Seal Sepias, Charcoal s, and occasionally we have Blues, and Longhairs.
We sell Breeders/Show, Show Alters, and Pets.

All kittens must be paid in full before being Spayed/Neutered.

When you purchase a pet from us it must be Spayed/Neutered before leaving our home. We have lots of experience in animal husbandry and have helped with different Universities.

We are located in Northern California in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Beautiful Amador County in Jackson,CA.

Beth Bearry (Mother) Lori Bearry (Daughter).


Available Cat Breed from Breeder “Simply Blessed Bengals” in California: Bengal!