Victoriascat - Pennsylvania

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Victoriascat - Pennsylvania

1/4: BELLA'S WHITE PERSIAN BOY Nice quality White flat faced Persian Male - Born June 8 2017 - Mother is Princess Bella Belle & Father is King Kimba
2/4: RED TABBY PERSIAN GIRL Red Tabby Persian Female - Doll faced - Pet Quality - Born June 24 2017 - Mother is Hot Flames O'Savannah - Father is (Frankie) Old Blue Eyes
4/4: DANIELLE'S BABIES All Himalayans!
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Cattery Name : Victoriascat cattery
Contact Name : Victoria Viehmeyer
Breeder Name : Victoria Viehmeyer

Pennsylvania - PA,US States (215) 297-8185 [email protected]

Available Cat Breeds Himalayan, Persian
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I breed and show Persian and Himalayan Persian cats.


Available Cat Breeds from Breeder “Victoriascat” in Pennsylvania: Himalayan and Persian!