I breed and show Persian and Himalayan Persian cats.   Available Cat Breeds from Breeder "Victoriascat" in Pennsylvania: Himalayan and Persian!

 Cat Breeder /  Pennsylvania - PA /   Himalayan, Persian


Long-haired, puppy like cats who absolutely love their humans and come in tons of colors.  Very affectionate and have the sweetest expression.   Available Cat...

 Cat Breeder /  Pennsylvania - PA /   RagaMuffin

Our first focus is to breed cats that are well tempered, genetically healthy, and are outstanding examples of the breed. While many of our cats...

 Cat Breeder /  Pennsylvania - PA /   Bengal, Cashmere


Fuzzy Love Bengals breeds for personality and good looks. Our cats & kittens are full of love!   Available Cat Breed from Breeder "Fuzzy Love...

 Cat Breeder /  Pennsylvania - PA /   Bengal


Bi-colors, solids, tabby’s   Available Cat Breed from Breeder "Charrewood Persians" in Pennsylvania: Persian!

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Avalitfold is a TICA registered home-based Scottish Fold cattery in Philadelphia, PA. Scottish Fold & Straight kittens for sale Available. We are dedicated to breeding...

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