Why Does Your Cat Need A Self Heating Cushion

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Why Does Your Cat Need a Self Heating Cushion - SweetieKitty

Last updated: June 30, 2017

There are particular reasons why the fussy, complex, beautiful creatures we know and love as cats need a lovely piece of kit like this bed. It has certain health benefits that are specific to cats and kittens, which is why a self-heating cushion is designed especially for them.

Suitable Temperature

Cats are literally hot stuff! Their metabolism operates at between 100f (38.3c) and 102f (38.8c) so they need their bodies to stay a bit warmer than ours. That’s why cats like to snuggle up to us, lay on our laps and even go to bed with us! So if a warm body isn’t around you know your cat is enjoying the next best thing. And another thing! You know what a sleepless, tossing-and-turning night feels like? If you’ve only had two hours of sleep instead of eight, you definitely feel under the weather! But if you are a cat and your body clock says: “sleep for sixteen hours a day,” you can imagine why you would really need a warm and comfy padded bed to sleep on. Sleep deprived cats can actually become very stressed and also very sick. In the wild, they would expend a lot of energy chasing prey and they need to replenish it, hence the long slumbers. You can take the cat out of the wild, but you can’t take the wild out of the cat!

Comfy Place

You may think that if you’re sleeping for most of your life a few missed hours here and there wouldn’t matter much, but you’re not a cat! The balance of your little moggy’s mind may actually become disturbed – that’s how serious it is! So he needs a really comfy – and safe – place to sleep, not only to keep warm and snug, but to maintain his sanity! Kittens are defenseless and helpless little creatures, and in the early days, (after two weeks old – before that they need help since they can’t generate their own body heat) when first separated from their mothers, it’s very easy for them to develop hypothermia. This can usually be overcome by putting the little creature on a soft bed with a heating pad or a hot water bottle underneath his bed but a heated bed like the Elegant Self-Heating Cat Cushion will certainly save a lot of time, and maybe even the lives of a few little kittens, particularly if they are being hand-reared.

Relieve Allergic Reactions

Cats, like humans, can be allergic to many things in the environment, including their bedding, but they can sleep in peace here on their own little bit of hypoallergenic heaven in perfect comfort, knowing that whatever else makes him uncomfortable it won’t be his bed!

Why Does Your Cat Need a Self Heating Cushion - Cat on Self-Heating Cushion - SweetieKitty

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Why Did We Create Our Own Self-Heating Cat Cushion

Your cat is a creature of the most discerning sensibilities, and it goes without saying that you need the most careful and intense care and comfort for him at all times or the consequences will be dire! So when your cat says: “I want a cat bed!” It had better not be a rough old bit of foam and canvas with some awful little fish bone pattern on it! Kitty will be somewhat less than charmed. A cat of his caliber needs comfort, warmth and style. He needs to lie on the one spot on the bed and not skate all over the place because the cushion wants to go off on a mission of its own. When you think cat beds you need to think about cats on velvet covered thrones snoozing away gently, because cats are sophisticated genteel animals. So I am introducing you to the cat bed from heaven! The one and only Elegant Self-Heating Cat Bed! Go on! You know you want one – so here it is, the Elegant Cat Self Heating Cushions  And it won’t break your bank either!

Velvet Brown Color

Your cat is a fastidious creature who loves his surroundings to be just perfect. That means that this cushion, with its neutral and elegant brown color, will please both of you. There are very few colors that clash with brown, and it’s certainly a color that matches most cats’ fur.

2 Cushions Included

Added to that its plush, soft feel will delight your cat’s sensitive coat. It has not one, but two cushions, a big and a little one, just in case there are any little kittens around who want to bask in the comfort of the same bed as Mommy. In fact, these cushions are the next best thing when a lap isn’t available! You can put them anywhere or take them in the car in your cat carrier so that journeys for your cat are just a bit less stressful. (Cats hate wobbly car journeys!)

Special Middle Layer

The cushion has a special layer in the middle that makes your own cat’s heat bounce back and let it stay as warm as toast! (Do they make them for humans?) Imagine that on a cold winter’s night!

Anti-Slip Back

Like a rubber mat for a bath that stops you from slipping and falling on the soap, your cat bed has hundreds of little rubber bumpy things to stop it from skidding all over the place and spoiling his beauty sleep! There is nothing worse than a grouchy cat…

Why Does Your Cat Need a Self Heating Cushion - Two Self-Heating Cushions - SweetieKitty

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Hypoallergenic & Strong Materials

If your kitty is one of those who can’t stop sneezing or scratching, chances are he’s allergic to something, and if you put your poor moggy on an ordinary mattress he will very likely be sneezing and scratching till kingdom come! So it’s a good thing this cushion contains no materials that will bother your kitty’s delicate constitution at all. Hypoallergenic materials make this bed the last word in kitty luxury. Added to that, the strong and hard wearing seams mean that your kitty can sleep in this bed for years and years in blissful slumber without you having to worry about split cushions and spilled stuffing. Cats live for a very long time – sometimes fifteen to twenty years, and they become used to their own possessions and their own smells, so a hard wearing product like this cushion will grow old with him and hopefully will live as long as he does. They are not by nature gentle creatures (except when they want something) so this is a great benefit to the cat owner on a tight budget who doesn’t want to replace cat beds every five minutes! It can be cleaned by the vigorous attention of a stiff brush and voila! Purrfectly spotless!

Your cat gives you a lot of pleasure – at least mine does! So it’s only fair to give him the special care and love he deserves. He’s a member of your family, after all. You wouldn’t deny your child the most comfortable bed money can buy, so why do it to your little friend? (By the way – I have them and my cat would give ME up rather than these beds!) Just look at those eyes and stroke that fur – how can he not melt your heart? So if you love him, get him the best! He needs the Elegant Cat Self Heating Cushion I promise you’ll be rewarded with hours of purring!

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