Kitten Teething: What You Need to Know!

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Kitten Teething: What You Need to Know - SweetieKitty

For their size, cats are very ferocious, efficient carnivores. They have reduced the population of birds in many areas because they are such dedicated hunters, but when they are kittens, they are nothing but helpless, blind, deaf, adorable balls of fluff. Thank goodness they have a Mommy kitty to look after them because at this stage they can’t even generate … Read More

How Should you Keep Kittens Warm?

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How to Keep Kittens Warm - SweetieKitty

You know how unpleasant it is when you’re soaked and chilled to the bone? I think we all do. Shivering burns five times a number of calories as normal but you don’t hear of many people going on the Super Chill Diet! That’s because it’s unpleasant and unhealthy. Think how much more unpleasant it must be if you only weigh … Read More

Why Do Cats Put Their Ears Back?

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Why Do Cats Put Their Ears Back - SweetieKitty

How Cats Use Their Ears to Communicate I’m angry, I’m annoyed, I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it any more! I’m a human being, so what do I do? I go tense, I lower my eyebrows into a frown and I raise my voice. Sometimes I scream and throw things, and occasionally I might even hit someone. … Read More

Why do Cats Scratch The Floor?

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Why do Cats Scratch The Floor - SweetieKitty

OK, picture the scene. You are tucked up cozily in bed, dreaming lovely dreams of walking along beautiful beaches in the sunset. Ruffles is at your feet, dreaming equally lovely dreams of catching mice for an afternoon snack when suddenly you are rudely awakened by ‘scratch,scratch,scratch!’ on the carpet. That’s – it Ruffles is at it again. Goodbye, lovely dreams, … Read More

Cat Breeds That Stay Small

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Cat Breeds That Stay Small - SweetieKitty

Small is Beautiful! If you have a big lump of a cat like mine, you may not understand the appeal of little cats; for some of us big is beautiful! But small, dainty, miniature cats make up for in cuteness what they lack in size. Here are some of the cat breeds that stay small. Devon Rex The Devon Rex … Read More