Can Humans Get Cat Fleas?

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Can Humans Get Cat Fleas - SweetieKitty

The short answer to this question is yes, humans can get cat fleas. In fact, cat fleas LOVE human blood! As I think I’ve said before AT LEAST a hundred times – I hate fleas. I cannot see what good they do in the great scheme of things. I mean, what are they FOR, apart from to irritate the sanity … Read More

7 Reasons Why My Cat Has Bald Patches

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7 Reasons Why My Cat Has Bald Patches - SweetieKitty

We all know what dandies cats are – they’ll spend a third of their waking hours just washing themselves! They are obviously preening themselves so that the whole world can see what a well-turned out kitty cat looks like. So you can imagine this suave lady or gentleman’s distress if, after all that licking, nibbling and evacuation of the smallest … Read More

9 Reasons Why My Cat Can’t Keep Food Down

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9 Reasons Why My Cat Can't Keep Food Down - SweetieKitty

What goes in must stay in, right? That’s a no-brainer, you’d say, and you’d be right, yes? Well – yes, most of the time, but these are cats we’re talking about, and they don’t always do what they’re supposed to.  (In fact, they don’t do it most of the time!) But why should cats vomit constantly? Are they just being … Read More

12+ Reasons Why My Cat Pees Everywhere

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Why Does My Cat Pee Everywhere - SweetieKitty

Your cat is not a human being. (You probably noticed that!) He doesn’t do things out of spite or just to annoy you, so if your cat is peeing everywhere he’s probably got a very good reason – it’s just that he can’t tell you. We can’t hope to understand the wonderful and mysterious workings of the feline mind, but … Read More

Why Does my Cat Bite For No Reason?

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Why Does my Cat Bite For No Reason - SweetieKitty

Well, why do they? This cat is fed, watered, sheltered, loved and given the best medical care money can buy. So why do cats bite the hand that feeds them? What motivates these little so-and-sos to be so aggressive? The Biting Tools Cats are obligate carnivores. You can tell that by the shape, size and number of their teeth, a … Read More