Should I Give My Cat Milk?

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Should I Give My Cat Milk - SweetieKitty

Everybody knows that cats love milk, right? When you see cartoons of cats they are always lapping milk and eating fish, and dogs are always eating bones. But why do cats love milk so much? They can’t even taste sweet things! It’s a mystery! The truth is that some cats just like it while others won’t touch it with a … Read More

Can Cats Eat Canned Tuna?

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Can Cats Eat Canned Tuna - SweetieKitty

There’s nothing else in this world that can catch the attention of our cats at home better than a freshly opened can of tuna. Animals such as cats and even dogs have a stronger sense of smell than humans that helps them to easily and quickly sniff out food even from a million miles away. It’s no wonder that even … Read More

How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating?

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How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating - SweetieKitty

I remember a friend of mine who recently adopted the prettiest white stray cat I’ve ever seen. She named her Luna. Luna is possibly one of the most spoiled adopted cats ever. My friend even threw her a birthday bash and got her to wear a little pink tutu. It’s no wonder that when my friend and her family had … Read More

What Is The Best Food For Indoor Cats?

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What Is The Best Food For Indoor Cats - SweetieKitty

Cats are fussy creatures. Mine would happily live on a diet of fish, birds, rats, mice, lizards and great big spiders, but he’s an indoor/outdoor cat and a mighty hunter. We know that when the supper is untouched he’s been dining al fresco on raw protein. Indoor cats can’t indulge in this wanton behavior, though, and don’t get the chance … Read More

How Much Should I Feed My Cat?

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How Much Should I Feed My Cat - SweetieKitty

Is my cat fat? If my cat is fat, why is my cat fat? Is my cat too skinny? Would a skeleton have more meat on it? How much should I feed my cat? How do I make my cat look like the feline equivalent of Mr And Miss Universe? If my cat is the right weight for his height … Read More

Can Kittens Eat Adult Cat Food?

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Can Kittens Eat Adult Cat Food - SweetieKitty

Raising kittens is one of the greatest joys for cat lovers! Mother cats have everything their kittens need to nurture and nourish kittens through their first few weeks of life. As the kittens grow bigger, the mother cat will need your help to provide for her kittens’ needs. Caring for kittens is significantly different than caring for adult cats. Even … Read More

Can Humans Eat Cat Food?

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Can Humans Eat Cat Food - SweetieKitty

Filet mignon, smoked salmon, chicken and brown rice… are you feeling hungry yet? While these delicious foods may sound like menu options from your favorite restaurant, they are also flavors of cat food! These days, pet food companies offer an increasing number of dietary options that sound more like gourmet dinners than something you would feed your cat. One emerging … Read More

Why Do Cats Like Fish?

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Why Do Cats Like Fish - Sweetie Kitty

Your sweet, lovable lap cat snoozes on the couch for hours, hardly moving a whisker. Then you open a can of tuna in the kitchen, and your otherwise docile kitty comes alive! Does this sound familiar? All of sudden he’s meowing at the top of his lungs, and he will not take no for an answer! You just wanted some … Read More