Finding the right kitten for you and your family can be a tough job.

So many options and some many things to consider. For this reason, we created the Sweetie Kitty website.

Sweetie Kitty provides a convenient and efficient means of researching the perfect kitten from the comfort of your home. We provide thoroughly researched information on each breed and host a number of kitten listings so that you can pick the kitten of your dreams!

Here at Sweetie Kitty, we discuss each cat breed in a concise and clear manner. We highlight the positive, but do not hold back on the negative as well; we strive to provide the whole picture in an unbiased way.

Picking a new kitten is similar to picking a new member for your family, whether it is a cat you want to enjoy with your kids or one that you want to keep you company.

Whatever your need, we make the effort to provide well-researched information that covers all aspects of the life of your little friend and will assist you in providing better care along with your love.

We hope you enjoy our site and we would love to hear from you. All the best!