TOP 10 Cat Products for all Feline Lovers

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TOP 10 Cat Products for all Feline Lovers - SweetieKitty

There is something very aristocratic about a cat. They combine majesty and affection in equal measures, and they are such paradoxes. No other animal can ignore you in such style one minute then love you with such devotion the next. How can anyone resist a purrrrr? Or a whiskery kiss? Or a warm furry body curled up in your bed … Read More

Is your cat being aggressive? Here is what you need to do!

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Is your Cat Being Aggressive - SweetieKitty

Our cats, those furry balls of love (when they feel like it!) come equipped with an arsenal of in-built weaponry which they can use to inflict extreme injuries on others, should they ever choose to do so. Luckily, most of us will never have to deal with an aggressive cat as raw aggression in domesticated cats is more the exception … Read More

Best Amazon Cat Window Perches

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When you are owned by a cat you realize in no time flat that you are in the den of a small but very fierce predator. Yes, he is small, cuddly and cute and takes full advantage of that fact. You might as well admit it – you’re his slave! But cats, while beguiling you with their soft, endearing charms, … Read More

Why Cats Fear for Strangers?

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Why Cats-Fear for Strangers - SweetieKitty

Unfamiliar Environment Cats tend to behave hilariously when in an environment they are not familiar with. In most cases, cats show an expression of fear when around strange people, something considered to be reasonable. Just like humans, cats have emotions, and it is such emotions that define them. Cats have traits similar to humans. They are considered as animals that … Read More

5 Steps Introducing a New Cat to Your Home

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5 Steps Introducing a New Cat to Your Home - SweetieKitty

Adopting a new cat can be a very exciting time for you and your family! And while you are experiencing all these great emotions and elation, your new furry friend can be experiencing the exact opposite. Bringing a new cat into your home can be a very stressful time for your cat as they are not acclimated with the space. … Read More