Why Do Cats Like Fish?

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Why Do Cats Like Fish - Sweetie Kitty

Your sweet, lovable lap cat snoozes on the couch for hours, hardly moving a whisker. Then you open a can of tuna in the kitchen, and your otherwise docile kitty comes alive! Does this sound familiar? All of sudden he’s meowing at the top of his lungs, and he will not take no for an answer! You just wanted some … Read More

How to Choose the Perfect Kitten for your Home

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Choose The Perfect Kitten - SweetieKitty

Introduction Needless to say, choosing the right kitten for your home is bound to make a difference in the way you and your pet relate. It is thus imperative that you do your homework prior to committing to a relationship that could potentially last many years. With this in mind, there are many vital things to consider before choosing your … Read More