My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing

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My Cat Wont Stop Meowing - SweetieKitty

Last updated: January 7, 2020

Cats have lovely little voices. They really do melt your heart, those little tiny ‘please love me’ meows. Some cats have nicer meows than others, of course. There are raspy ones, growly ones and whiny ones. Cats can make over thirty different noises, and of course each cat has its own repertoire of meows that is unique to itself, just as we have our own voices and our own songs. Each one means a different thing. If my cat won’t stop meowing, it might be trying to tell me something, because strangely enough, cats meow to humans more than they do to other cats. I have called this cat language ‘Felinese’ and if you listen carefully to your little moggy pal you’ll be fluent in no time.

Please feed me!

Oh, I love this one! Mine makes this little chirping noise which is so cute I can’t resist it. It’s usually accompanied by lots of threading in and out of legs, circling and head rubbing, resulting in quite a lot of stumbling and tripping from me, but my cat won’t stop meowing till he’s fed!

Hey! Talk to me!

This is your cat’s equivalent to: ‘let’s sit down and have a cosy chat. You speak English and I’ll speak Felinese. I won’t stop meowing and you can get a word in edgewise when I say so.’ Eventually of course your cat will stop meowing because he’ll be fast asleep in your lap. Or there is the other scenario. You’re sitting down at your computer writing stories and playing games when suddenly this warm cute furry thing comes and sits on it, and says in Felinese: ‘hello in there! Here I am! Drop everything you’re doing and give me some love.’ And you sigh with resignation and think: ‘my cat won’t stop meowing. I’m going to stop writing.’

Come and Get Me, Boys!

Imagine you have a female cat, and suddenly she changes into a wanton young woman when before she was a model of virtue. She won’t stop meowing, yowling, rolling about in the dust and before long your garden is full of amorous tomcats, all bent on – you know what! That’s how you know your little girl is in estrus. She can’t help it, and it will soon go away, but it will be back in around two or three weeks. This is a wake up call. Have her spayed. Have you ever smelled Eau De Tom?

I’m So Lonely

‘Please feel sorry for me. I’m all alone with nobody to talk to, no other cats to speak to, nobody to pat me and stroke me and tell me how beautiful I am. Where is everybody? I won’t stop meowing till somebody comes and plays with me!’

My Cat Wont Stop Meowing - Angry Cat - SweetieKittyGrrrrr…

‘I’m so ticked off, annoyed, angry, irritated, miffed, cross, out of sorts and thoroughly fed up! Get the picture? I am so mad I could spit – in fact I probably will. And I might add a bit of yowling and hissing too. Look at the hair on my back and my tail – it’s standing up! See these fangs? Am I big and scary or what? Do not mess with me, sunshine!’ My cat won’t stop meowing. Why? I’m not staying here to find out!

I’m Just Saying Hi!

Good morning! Hello! Hi! Bonjour! Meow! My cat won’t stop meowing because he is a very polite cat, and would never dream of entering your space without greeting you properly, just as we humans do. So the proper term in Felinese is ‘meow’ and the proper term for ‘goodbye’ is also ‘meow’ (Felinese has a very limited vocabulary.) He will of course accompany these with a polite cheek-rub and lots of purring.

Let Me In!

If your cat goes outside like mine, there may be times when he wants to get in again, then after that, out, or maybe in. Cats can never make up their minds. On days when it’s too wet, too cold, or for any other reason, you’ve closed all the windows and doors – well, how else can he get your attention? My cat won’t stop meowing because he wants to be inside – or outside – simple as that!

I’m stressed out!

‘You’re joking, right? You want me to squeeze myself into that little box so we can go in that big scary thing with the wheels and visit that bad man who prods me with his fingers and sticks needles in me?’ He says in Felinese. My cat won’t stop meowing because he hates going to the vet, and worse still he hates being in the car. The noise he makes then isn’t a meow, it’s more like a long-drawn out wail of both anger and fear, and it’s the one reason why I hate going to the vet. I feel guilty for days afterwards.

My Cat Wont Stop Meowing - Scared Cat - SweetieKittyIt Hurts!

Your pet is like your child, and those of you who are parents know how you feel when your child is hurt; you’d rather be hurt yourself than have your cat feel pain. The noise your cat makes when it’s sore is sometimes just a meow, but when I’ve accidentally stood on my cat’s tail I hear something like a yowl/growl noise followed by a cat disappearing at great speed. Other reasons why a cat will feel pain can be because of infection or injury, so it’s best to check with your vet if you suspect either or both of these.

I’m Getting on a Bit

Older cats tend to meow a lot, sometimes because of a kind of dementia when the cat becomes disoriented and afraid, especially when it’s dark. A nightlight may help in this instance.They can also be suffering from a number of diseases to which older cats are prone, like cancer, high blood pressure, obesity, overactive thyroid and arthritis. All of these can be treated with medication but there still isn’t any cure for getting old, unfortunately.

I’m Made That Way!

Some breeds of cats just talk more than others. When we think of talkative cats, the Siamese is the first breed that springs to mind, although there are other chatty breeds like the Cornish Rex.

Just Because

Do you ever sing in the shower? Talk to yourself when you think there’s nobody listening? There are times when my cat won’t stop meowing just because he feels like it! And whether your cat has a lovely little baby meow like mine, or a throaty Siamese growl, you’ve just got to love that noise because a cat made it and who doesn’t love cats?