5 Steps Introducing a New Cat to Your Home

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5 Steps Introducing a New Cat to Your Home - SweetieKitty

Last updated: January 10, 2020

Adopting a new cat can be a very exciting time for you and your family! And while you are experiencing all these great emotions and elation, your new furry friend can be experiencing the exact opposite.

Bringing a new cat into your home can be a very stressful time for your cat as they are not acclimated with the space. This stress can greatly increase if there are other animals in the home or even small children. The proper process of introducing your cat to your home can take time, but it can also take stress off the cat. Introducing two cats to each other in a new environment without consideration of their position in the home can create a CATastrophe. However, with a properly planned out introduction, cats can ease into the new environment and become lifelong pals with others in the home.

1. Create a  sanctuary room for the newcomer

Making him feel safe in the new environment is the number one priority! When he feels that his safety is granted, eating is the next on priorities so provide a nutritious food and clean water in that room! The process may last for a week, so not be hurry!

2. Respect feline pecking order

Cats are territorial animals! If you already have a cat in your house, he knows that he is the King of the house and nothing can come between him and your attention to care him! A new cat may make him feel threatened, and a threatened cat is an aggressive one! The introduction should be slowly at their own pace and may take a couple weeks!

3. Cat-to-Dog meetings

Although the first interaction is not (mostly) as hyperactive as a cat-to-cat one, it’s better to have precautions! Use a leash or a cage for the dog at first to avoid hunting all over your place and always reward good behavior!

4. Cat and Baby

Roles are a little reversed in that case! Mostly you have to protect the baby from the cat, like keeping cat’s food out of baby’s reach! Strangely, a crawling baby may scare your cat so be prepared! Your baby on his “exploring phase” treat cat as a toy, so be careful with tail-grabbing!

5. Peace will Thrive

An organized, clean house with clear hierarchy is what all members need! After the introduction phase passes, gradually bring closer all members for a happy life ever after!

The following slideshow details how to introduce your cat to your home as well as other pets and children.

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