7 Reasons that Make Cats Good Pets

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Last updated: June 26, 2017

Why do cats make good pets? WHAT a silly question! The real question should be: how could cats NOT make good pets? You just have to stroke that soft fur, or look into those deep, mysterious eyes to be totally besotted. And even the most hard-hearted among us can’t resist the incredibly comforting sound of a cat purring. There’s something other-worldly about them; they’re not just animals – they really do have a lot in common with the elves and spirits in fairy tales. Why do cats make good pets? Because they’re cats of course! But if you’re still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why a cat is a must-have accessory for your household!

They’re User-Friendly

Now, I’m really not here to give dogs a bad rap. I’m sure they’re very nice if you like that sort of licky, needy, play-with-me-all-the-time sort of animal. To each their own. But if you don’t feel like playing with your cat, or you’re too tired, they won’t give you whines and puppy dog eyes; they’ll go away and find something to amuse themselves with and believe me, the whole world is a playground for a cat! Either he’ll go and do some practice hunting maneuvers, or he’ll find a sunny spot and do a bit of constructive catnapping. You need never be guilt-tripped again!

They’re Clean

I don’t know if there are any statistics concerning the amount of time cats spend washing themselves, but I think mine must spend about eight hours a day! My cat is a short haired little moggy so he more or less takes care of himself in the grooming department; in fact, he is a model of sartorial elegance most of the time! A long-haired cat may need a bit of extra assistance, though, so the occasional trip to the moggy parlor may be needed, although some cats actually do enjoy a warm bath, believe it or not.

There is no need to concern yourself about his calls of nature either. Because a cat is still a semi-wild creature – yes, really – he takes care of all that stuff himself without any help from you! Because of their relatively small size, cats are both predator and prey; therefore they need to cover their scent to avoid becoming lunch for a hungry hyena! To this end, they are born with an instinct to dig and bury their own bodily waste. If you’ve ever seen a cat having a pee, you’ll marvel at its efficiency. He will do the deed, sniff it, then carefully bury it with his forepaw, not stopping till every trace of it is gone. If you have an exclusively indoor cat he will use a litter tray and the only thing you have to do is change it frequently. You won’t have to train him. Just put it down, let him use it, and his nose will lead him back to it again and again. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat like mine, let him do his business in the garden if he wants to. Mine doesn’t even possess a litter tray. He prefers the compost heap.(And I’ve never, ever had to pick up a “landmine!”)

Why Do Cats Make Good Pets - White Cat with Little Girl - SweetieKittyThey’re Affectionate

I get really ticked off when people say that cats are aloof and indifferent. Just because they have self-respect and independence and don’t wear their hearts on their paws people call them horrible names and accuse them of consorting with witches and other nasty creatures. Cats are very affectionate. Apart from winter lap-warming, cats show their love in myriads of subtle ways, like waking you up by brushing their mouths or cheeks along your lips, or sleeping on top of you or very close to you. One of the cutest things they do is to give you a steady stare accompanied by slow-motion blinking, also known as “kitty kisses!”

As we said before, cats still possess most of their wild instincts, and one of those is to protect their vital organs from enemies. So the ultimate sign of love and trust is shown when your kitty rolls over on his back and exposes his belly to you. He’s really saying: “I trust you not to harm me.” But cats are aloof and stand-offish, right?

They’re Good For Your Health

Did you know that people who own cats have a 40% smaller chance of having a heart attack than those who don’t? Owning a cat has numerous health benefits. It’s been scientifically proven that cats’ purring can significantly lower blood pressure and stress. Purring has such a beneficial effect, in fact, that it can even help to mend bones – so rush straight down to your local animal shelter and get a cat!

They Make You Feel Better!

Owning a cat does a lot of good for your state of mind. Pets improve your morale and give you an incentive to take care of yourself. Cats can work wonders with people suffering from depression too. A cat can actually sense its owner’s mood and respond accordingly. He may meow more or otherwise increase his affection signals, and this can result in the depressive person’s mood improving as they realize that somebody cares about how they feel! They do the same for arguing couples, believe it or not! Interacting with cats can actually help bad moods turn into good ones. Is there no end to this wonderful animal’s talents?

Why Do Cats Make Good Pets - Cat under a Blanket - SweetieKittyThey Keep You Warm In Winter!

Really, this has to be one of the best things about owning a cat. Never shiver again! Just let that little furry body curl up on your lap and you’ll be toasty in no time flat! One of the reasons for this is that cats run hotter than we do. Our optimum temperature is around 98.7f, whereas cats’ temperature is around 102f. Consequently, in winter when everything is colder, they need to find a nice heat source to cuddle up to, and I have to say that as a poor heat-seeking human this suits me fine! It’s a case of: “you scratch my back – I’ll scratch yours!” What’s better? Blanket or cat? I know which one I’d choose!

They Have (C)Attitude!

This is a bit of a strange reason, but I love my cat because he’s his own little person and does things with or without my consent. He could probably survive without me, so I’m honored that he chooses not to.

Honestly, when you think of all this, why wouldn’t you have a cat? They’re cute, cuddly and affectionate, and they ask for very little in return. All they need is food, shelter, and lots and lots of love! I promise they’ll give it back – tenfold!

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