5 Funny Cat Videos – That We Can Actually Learn Something Interesting

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5 Funny Cat Videos - That We Can Actually Learn Something Interesting - SweetieKitty

Last updated: June 26, 2017

#5 Cats Saying “No” to Bath

It’s incredible how realistic human the “No” sounds for these cats, that beg not to have a bath! We know that cats can product many interesting sounds, but this one is so good and funny!

#4 Extremely Needy Cats

OK, so some of us know that we serve our feline friends probably more than we should! Some times we even spend days just to please them, and we like it! Do you by chance have a Velcro Cat?

#3 Funny Scared Cats

It’s one of those moments that when you see your cat or kitten scared, you want to hug them to protect them! But there are other times, that you can’t stop laughing with their reactions when there is not something actually threatening. Notice their body language when they scared! It’s majestic!

#2 Cats Vs Fish Bowls

Cats have a primitive love for fish! They know it and you know it, either you have a cat or not! When they are in the wild, it’s Mother Nature to decide if the cat will get the fish or not! But when it’s in your house, someone else takes the final decision!

#1 Cats Walking Strangely

(Wait till 0:20) If you own a cat you see them doing some really strange things from time to time! They way they walk some time is hilarious! Although they need only 2 weeks to learn how to walk, occasionally they forgot everything they learnt!

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