[INFOGRAPHIC] 30-Foods and 470 Plants to Never Feed Your Cat

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Last updated: January 12, 2020

Most people with a dog know a thing or two about sharing food scraps from the table. I mean, how can you resist those eyes staring up at you?

So it’s no surprise that some people, without the proper knowledge, think that it’s OK to feed their cat from the table, too.

Now, most things aren’t going to straight up kill your kitty, so don’t worry too much! But, cats have much different dietary needs than dogs do, and there are a lot of things you should know before you go throwing people food at them to chow down on.

Your cat is an obligate carnivore. That means its survival depends on the nutrients ONLY found in the meat of other animals. So while your cat might want to chomp a banana, it’s doing nothing to keep her healthy and is just taking up space where good meats should be in her belly.

If you really want to feed your cat something “from the table“, we highly recommend going with a safe raw food diet after you do an extreme amount of research to be sure that you can ensure your kitty’s safety.

Whatever the case, you should know about the things that are really not healthy, or even toxic, for your cat.

Some of them are kind of obvious, whereas others you may be wondering what the big deal is. But to ensure the safety, happiness, and longevity of your furry friend, review the infographic below, and read more about each point at the original post here on Catological.com.

There are hundreds of plants that are dangerous or at least not ideal for cats to get into, so have a quick scan through the list to ensure you’re not keeping anything in your home that might damage your cat if he got into it.

As for food or household items, you must not let your cat get into:

1. Alcohol – Really? Who does this? Don’t do it.

2. Seeds or pits from apricots, cherries, peaches, and apples – Don’t risk giving kitty cyanide poisoning. That’s horrible, so make sure you dispose of the pits responsibly.

3. Avocado – Persin, found in avocados, is toxic to small animals like your cat. Cats are not affected quite as bad as others, but it’s still going to be highly unpleasant for your cat to ingest any of it.

4. Non-ground bones – Some people use ground bones in their raw cat food, and that can be fine because cats will end up eating some bones if they’re left outside to hunt for themselves. Don’t risk giving your cat a treat that might splinter and hurt her.

5. Caffeine – Just because your cat sleeps 18 hours/day doesn’t mean she needs a cuppa! Keep it in your own mug and make sure she doesn’t lick any up.

6. Chocolate – No sweet treats for your cat. Your cat can’t taste sweet, so probably has no interest anyway, but it’s best to keep that chocolate under wraps (or pop it into your own mouth to keep your kitty safe. Suuuure, that’s why we do it.).

7. Citrus oil extracts – Citrus oils are in lots of things from shampoos to perfume. It’s not pleasant stuff for cats, so keep it away.

8. Grapes, raisins, and currants – No one knows why, but these things are TERRIBLE for cats and dogs.

9. Green potatoes and tomatoes – If they’re green, don’t keep them lying about!

10. Hops – Your cat is not a beer, do not put hops in it.

11. Milk – Whaaaat? Only a little bit of milk for kittens. When they get bigger, they can’t handle cows milk.

12. Moldy food or trash – Ok, obviously, but don’t think that your cat will be fine just because it’s an animal if she nibbles on a bit of moldy food.

13. Mushrooms – The bad ones are really bad. Keep kitty away just in case it encourages her to go out foraging.

14. Nuts – Nuts can be pretty bad for dogs, and while cats seem not to have it so bad, I still like to err on the side of caution.

15. Onions and garlic – Delicious additions to almost any meal, your cat will thank you for keeping them out of hers!

16. Rhubarb – The leaves of rhubarb have a nasty acid (oxalic acid) that won’t mix well with kitty’s belly.

17. Seeds – Seeds are more likely to get stuck in a cat’s intestinal tract than doing them any good. Just keep them away to stay safe.

18. Salt – Too much salt can cause your cat to vomit and urinate excessively, leading to potential dehydration.

19. String – Ok, not a food, but some foods come wrapped in strings, and some people play with strings with their cat. Just be careful. Cat swallow string enough that it even has it’s own “medical” name…” string foreign body”.

20. Tobacco – Any type of tobacco can be very harmful to cats, so if you use tobacco in any form, be careful where you keep it or discard it.

21. Vegetarian or vegan diet – A big no-no. Some people claim to feed their cat this diet, but since cats literally need the nutrients that are only available in meat to survive and thrive, this is tantamount to torturing your cat.

22. People vitamins – Taking vitamins or supplements? They’re for you, not your cat, so keep them stored away!

23. Yeast – Yeast produces gas as it rises, which is not so good in your cat’s belly. She’s not a loaf of bread!

I hope you take this issue seriously and review these foods and plants regularly to ensure your cat has the best chance of a long, happy, and healthy life possible!

We’d like to thank our friends from CatOlogical.com for sharing with us such a great article and infographic! Really informative and very well designed!