Nebelung Health Problems

Jane MillerNebelung

Nebelung Health Problems - SweetieKitty

Nebelungs are usually pretty healthy little critturs, and are up there with the best of them when it comes to fun, mischief, and athleticism. However, nobody’s perfect, not even Nebelungs, and as always you should keep Mr or Ms Supervet a phone call away! It’s a concern for some that the breed was started with an inbred pair of cats, … Read More

Nebelung Cat Temperament and Personality

Jane MillerNebelung

Nebelung Cat Temperament and Personality - SweetieKitty

Cats are affectionate creatures, and don’t let any of those dog-loving cat haters tell you otherwise! They’re also intelligent and can learn tricks with a little coaching and a bit of patience. The Nebelung is a particularly clever and beautiful breed. It’s often called “Creature of the Mist” because of its smoky gray color. In terms of cat breeds, this … Read More

Maine Coon Characteristics

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Maine Coon Characteristics - SweetieKitty

We’ve talked about what big fluffy goofballs Coonies are, how they have too many toes, weigh a ton, and sometimes get nasty Coonie medical problems. Coonies are also distinguished by their large oval eyes and feral expression. In fact, I would describe it as somewhere between grumpy and fierce, which is at odds with their friendly, sociable nature. Maine Coons … Read More