8 Reasons Why Cats Have Rough Tongues

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8 Reasons Why Cats Have Rough Tongues - SweetieKitty

Have you ever been groomed by a cat? If you’re used to the sloppy feel of a dog’s tongue that rough little sandpaper tongue will come as quite a surprise! Isn’t it just the best feeling in the world? If you are owned by a cat this is one of the many pleasures you enjoy on a daily basis, as … Read More

7 Reasons that Make Cats Good Pets

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Why Do Cats Make Good Pets - SweetieKitty

Why do cats make good pets? WHAT a silly question! The real question should be: how could cats NOT make good pets? You just have to stroke that soft fur, or look into those deep, mysterious eyes to be totally besotted. And even the most hard-hearted among us can’t resist the incredibly comforting sound of a cat purring. There’s something … Read More

Why Do Cats Play With Their Prey?

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Why Do Cats Play With Their Prey - SweetieKitty

There is no doubt about it: cats are just gorgeous. They are lovely soft, floppy, furry creatures who rub themselves up against you and purr incessantly. They mark you with their soft mouths, give you slow blinks and knead you like fresh dough. They wake you up in the morning with whiskery kisses and groom you with their sandpaper tongues. … Read More

When Can You Hold Kittens?

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When Can You Hold Kittens - SweetieKitty

Awww… aren’t they just gorgeous? With their beautiful blue eyes, soft, soft fur and tiny little squeaky voices, kittens are just about the cutest creatures ever invented. One day they will be the slayers of birds, rats, and mice, but today they are just itsy-bitsy little things who wouldn’t harm a fly. The trouble with kittens is that they have … Read More