Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head?

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Head - SweetieKitty

Good question! Cats do many strange things; they knead you with their paws, they rub their lips against you, they scratch in doorways and they go BANANAS at the merest whiff of tuna. But there is one thing that has always baffled me more than any other. WHY DOES MY CAT SLEEP ON MY HEAD??? I ask this with tears … Read More

Declawing your Cat: Pros and Cons, Alternatives and Costs

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Declawing your Cat; Pros and Cons, Alternatives and Costs - SweetieKitty

As I write this, my lower left cheek is still stinging from my orange tabby cat, Ginger’s scratch as a result of too much loving her from my part. Although, I can let this one pass as I have done with her hundred scratches before, other cat owners would have rushed to get their clipper and trim their cat’s claws. … Read More

What Do Cats Dream About?

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What Do Cats Dream About - SweetieKitty

When you go online and search for cat pictures, you are sure to see most of them to be images of cats’ sleeping. In fact, cats are famous for exactly that! Their sleeping habits are the envy of all humans who burn the midnight oil and barely get any sleep during the nights, let alone have time for an afternoon … Read More

Why Is My Cat Sad?

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Why Is My Cat Sad - SweetieKitty

Pets such as cats are unable to communicate through words like humans do and it takes a little more effort to decipher how they are feeling. However, these days most people are too engrossed with their day-to-day lives that they have little time to truly observe and give their pets enough attention. It becomes so very easy to miss out … Read More

Signs Your Cat Loves You

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Signs Your Cat Loves You - SweetieKitty

Cats are notoriously well-known to be the most snobbish pets humans can have. Amidst the gazillion number of images online of cute and adorable cats and their antics is the constant tirade of how selfish and unfeeling they can be even towards their own owners and others. They are almost always compared to the contrastingly loving and ever so loyal … Read More