Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

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Why Do Cats Lick Each Other - SweetieKitty

Even having 2 cats of my own at home, I still find myself visiting Cat Cafes. These cafes serve as cozy homes for multiple cats of different ages and breeds. Cat lovers can come here to have a bite or two or even a full meal while being surrounded by sweet kitty cats. Cat lovers can of course pet, play … Read More

How To Get Rid of a Cat Urine Smell?

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How To Get Rid of a Cat Urine Smell - SweetieKitty

This is one of the only downsides of owning those perfectly beautiful, lovable, lithe, purry furry little beings called cats. Their fur smells like – well- nothing! They have lovely little “love me” voices. Their purrs could send you to heaven! They dispose of their own –em- waste in the garden or litter box, which is fine, because those are … Read More

When Can Kittens Leave Their Mother?

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When Can Kittens Leave Their Mother - SweetieKitty

Once, when I was visiting a wine estate in Capetown, South Africa, an incredibly friendly black cat jumped on to my lap, purring like a diesel engine. Imagine my surprise when he suddenly started to suckle on my dress as if I were a Mommy cat! I felt so sorry for him and still do. Evidently, he was a rescue … Read More

Why Do Cats Rub Their Faces Against Things?

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Why Do Cats Rub Their Faces Against Things - SweetieKitty

Cats are amazingly tactile creatures. They love to show their affection with their whole bodies, especially the parts of their bodies that mark you out as theirs. They have many special places all over their little beings that they can use, but the easiest and best is is the face, because it’s just chock full of scent glands! Cats’ faces … Read More

My Cat Won’t Stop Meowing

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My Cat Wont Stop Meowing - SweetieKitty

Cats have lovely little voices. They really do melt your heart, those little tiny ‘please love me’ meows. Some cats have nicer meows than others, of course. There are raspy ones, growly ones and whiny ones. Cats can make over thirty different noises, and of course each cat has its own repertoire of meows that is unique to itself, just … Read More